Don’t let your fingers crack up!

WAND Display #1 (2)

So many have trouble with dry cuticles after sewing and handling so much fabric. Here is a way to care for those dry, cracked cuticles. After talking with lots of her Sewline customers, Charlotte discovered that although  a good number suffer from dry cuticles,they were reluctant to use available oils and cream for fear of staining their fabrics.

So, after addressing the problem, Sewline has come up with solution.

The Sewline Cuticle Oil  Wand – it’s especially designed for sewers with a neat dispenser and an applicator brush that puts the oil exactly where  it’s needed. Just touch on cuticles. No oily residue to stain fabrics. Nothing to spill.

Put some on before you get on with that sewing project or afterwards. The special proprietary oil blend will help nourish and revitalise your cuticles. It contains jojohoba and avocado oils with an appealing bergamot fragrance. Absolutely NO parabens, mineral oils, colourants or ethanol.

Look out for it at your local craft store. Rec retail $12.95. Try one today