The best marker method yet?

There are many pencils and ink markers for drafting the design shapes for quilts and appliqués, embroidery and dressmaking. These products are very varied in how smoothly they mark and how easy they are to remove. Ink markers in particular can cause frustration with lines that bleed through fabrics, are difficult to wash out and then sometimes reappear.

Now Sewline research and development have produced an ink maker system that will be the answer for many – a truly easy marking and removal system. It is such a breakthrough in ink technology that worldwide patents are in registration.  Called the Sewline DUO, it is a smart looking marker pen with a matching style eraser pen.

The unique ink has a viscosity that gives an even flow onto the fabric without bleeding and penetrating deep into the weave. The Eraser Pen has a chisel point and contains a non-toxic ‘antidote’. When the eraser is lightly guided over the ink line, the result could be best described as ‘evaporating the ink marks away.’

Charlotte Shields, Manager of Sewline Australia, said, “We were delighted when  we saw the effectiveness of the Duo. It was like magic, the way the ink lines were so cleanly removed.  We also tested by leaving the ink under white stitching there for several months, The Duo ink still just floated off !”

Watch the demo video and see how easily it works. Grab one from you local Sewline stockist today